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Party Ideas

Hosting Outdoors

Keep it simple

Parties don’t have to be extravagant, stay within your comfort zone. Set out a cooler with drinks, plan a buffet, light the grill. Prepare as much of the food as you can before your guests arrive so that you can enjoy the party. Let the food and wine steal the show by creating a casual and easy ambiance.

Save your stemware

Invest in quality reusable, shatter-proof, recyclable wine glasses.We like GoVino unbreakable cups – they are wonderful for entertaining outdoors or packing up for a camping trip.

Keep bugs at bay

Set out small containers of bug repellant around your entertaining space so that guests can use it before they get uncomfortable. Light citronella candles at dusk when insects can be at their worst.

For great tips on how to make your own candles, visit our Pinterest page

Stay cool

Keep your beverages from warming up with the weather by buying plenty of ice and setting up some backup coolers inside your garage to just in case. 1lb of ice per person is a good rule to live by. Set up a station with beverage containers to offer fruit or cucumber infused ice water to keep you and your Wine Sisters hydrated.

Use your space

Encourage guests to spread out by setting up your bar outside to keep your guests mingling outdoors and not inside your kitchen. Also try positioning trays of food in different locations throughout, so your guests can graze as they mingle.


The best part about outdoor entertaining? Lawn games! Give your guests a way to break the ice with Giant Jenga, ring toss, ladder ball, bocce ball or cornhole.

Light it up

String up some lanterns or string lights over your yard or patio to create mood lighting as the sun goes down.

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