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Quiz Results

  1. Incorrect
    Answer: Characteristics of the land
    Terroir encompasses site, aspect, elevation, soil and climate which influence the flavors of the wine.
  2. Incorrect
    Answer: Zinfandel
    Zinfandel has been dubbed America’s heritage grape because of its strong identity and tradition in the USA, particularly California.
  3. Incorrect
    Answer: Kentucky
    Most people know this state for their Bourbon and /or American Whiskey.
  4. Incorrect
    Answer: 2 normal bottles
    What really is normal? 750ml is one bottle, and the normal standard. Magnums are perfect for celebrating with a crowd.
  5. Incorrect
    Answer: Chardonnay
    Most of the aromas associated with Chardonnay come from the style of vinification (barrel fermentation, malo-lactic fermentation, barrel aging). These winemaking choices impart character onto the chardonnay grape.
  6. Incorrect
    Answer: A family of natural organic compounds found in grape skins, seeds and stems- and also in oak barrels
    They are an excellent antioxidant and natural preservative, providing an important flavor dimension in wine.
  7. Incorrect
    Answer: Chocolate
    Many people love red wine and chocolate. Cabernet is a great choice particularly if the chocolate is bittersweet because the astringency in the chocolate mirrors the tannins found in Cabernet.

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