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Gather your girls for a Halloween celebration filled with festive fare and entertainment.

Halloween Cocktails

Wench 75

Our take on a classic cocktail is the perfect sipper for a HalloWINE delight!

Serves 5

Ingredients: Directions:

Shake ice, lemon juice, sugar, food coloring and gin (optional) in a cocktail shaker, then strain into 5 separate champagne flutes, or martini glasses. Top with a few ounces of Windsor Brut Rose, Sonoma County, Platinum Series and garnish glass with Halloween flair, such as gummy worms or plastic spiders.

Pumpkin Cooler

Pumpkin Cooler

Serving sparkling or white wine at your celebration? Create a festive and easy DIY cooler.

What you need:
  • 1 large pumpkin
  • 1 large serrated knife
  • 1 large spoon
  • 1 glass bowl
  • Ice

Pick a pumpkin that is large and wide. Cut off the top third of the pumpkin with a serrated knife, and remove seeds with a large spoon.

Line the pumpkin with a glass bowl so pumpkin does not become water-logged or leak.

Fill the bowl with beverages of your choice and top with ice.

Candy Corn

Candy & Wine Pairing

The highlight of HalloWINE is combining two of our favorites: wine & candy. Here are a few tips to organizing a candy pairing:

Provide an assortment of wines, such as:
  • Sparkling wine, sweet white wine, dry white wine, light-bodied red, full-bodied red, and a red dessert wine, such as Port
Diversify your candy options:
  • Fruity and gummy, nutty and salty, rich and chocolaty, sweet and caramely
Don't rule things out before trying!:
  • Gummy worms and cabernet sauvignon probably won't be the perfect pairing, but you never know until you try!
Treat this as you would any other wine tasting:
  • Sip responsibly and have a dump bucket available for your guests. Also provide palate cleansers in between tastings, like pretzels.